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Alisha Stapor, LMFT, LPC, NCC
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Family counseling includes at least two, if not all of the members of the family unit. Services can vary depending on the needs of the family. For example, perhaps sometimes the parents will be seen without the children, and sometimes everyone will be at the appointment.

It’s common to feel that one person is at fault or is to blame for family distress. Believe it or not, that is generally not the case. Each person plays a role in the family unit and each is important.

Family counseling can bring to light behaviors, thoughts, and feelings of family members and discuss how they might impact the rest of the family. As you can imagine, the action of one family member can cause a chain reaction within the family.

Each family is unique with their own dynamics, strengths, and struggles. How a family is doing can be described as a picking a dot on a line, or on a spectrum.


At any point in time you and your family can be anywhere on the spectrum. Some days you might be doing really well and be closer to the functional end of the spectrum. Other times you might wish you could run away for a while. This is normal and almost all families go through these growing pains. Family counseling can help members of the family feel and interact in a more functional manner.

Common issues that can be addressed in family counseling (not limited to):

•  Addiction
•  Anger
•  Blended or step family issues
•  Changes within the family (divorce, death, addition of a sibling, etc.)
•  Child(ren) disobedience
•  Communication skills
•  Deployment
•  Family member with a disability
•  Grief
•  Moving
•  Overall family harmony
•  Parental separation
•  Parenting conflicts
•  Re-entry


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