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Alisha Stapor, LMFT, LPC, NCC
Marriage & Couple
Marriage & Couple

Do you feel like you and your spouse fight constantly? Do you feel like the things that made you fall in love with them are now the things that seem to drive you nuts? Has it been months since the two of you have been intimate? Or perhaps with time, the two of you feel more like platonic roommates than a pair in love?

If you said yes to those, or if it sparked something else in you that you wish you weren’t feeling, then maybe couple counseling is right for you and your other half.

Maybe the two of you have taken a step and would like a chance to re-evaluate and check in with the relationship. Big events such as moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, and having your first child are all major milestones. Sometimes these big events, while exciting, can be quite stressful. Counseling can help to strengthen the relationship; like maintenance on a railroad track to keep the train running smoothly.  

Counseling is often better to be started when problems first arise. Likely, if you’re considering couple or marital counseling, maybe one or both of you feel at the breaking point or even that it could be too late. That IS okay. If you are both open to the idea of counseling and believe you have some fight left in you to save your relationship, then counseling can help. Even if you have both agreed to separate or divorce, counseling can still help gain closure and establish consistent parenting between households.

Common issues that can be addressed in marriage and couple counseling (not limited to):

•  Communication skills
•  Deployment
•  Divorce
•  Erectile dysfunction
•  Frequent fighting
•  Financial stress
•  Infidelity
•  New parents
•  Overall relationship satisfaction
•  Parenting disagreements
•  Pre-marital preparation
•  Separation
•  Sexual issues


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